Interesting American conventions

America is known for many things by those around the world, including being an extremely intriguing, unique places full of even more unique people. Here are some different conventions that prove this point.

Lincoln Convention

This convention is pretty self-explanatory in what it is; it involves almost 200 people dressed as Lincoln to bring together Lincoln impersonators to create a network of realistic-looking Lincolns for use at different events all over the country.

Vent Haven Convention

Vent Haven Convention is the self-proclaimed oldest gathering of different ventriloquists from all over not only the country but the world. The attendees of this festival range from young children and aspiring performers to the best in the business.

World Taxidermy & Fish Carving Championships

This convention lasts a whole week and brings together the artists of taxidermy from all over the country and even from other parts of the world. It has different events that showcase different masterpieces, allow for showcasing skills as well as knowledge sharing.

World Clown Association Gathering

This convention is a meeting of the clowns and is a vibrant scene, to say the least. It is an opportunity for clowns to show off to their peers, to learn new skills and to create a network which leads to opportunities and growth in their industry. The events of the convention range mainly from the classic balloon animals to new and innovative ways of, quite literally, clowning around.

The Santa Celebration

If you didn’t know that the Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas was a real thing, now you do. This is a real group, and they get together at an annual convention. This convention helps Santas learn how to be better Santas. This includes how to answer questions that Santas get, how to talk better like Santa as well as the latest in Santa fashion.