Top Convention Cities Worldwide

Some conventions are held annually, some only once, some held more frequently. Regardless of the frequency, or the topic or reason for the meeting, here are some of the top convention cities across the world.


This is the number one city for conventions in the Asia Pacific region, and in the top ten in the world, based on rankings by the International Congress and Convention Association. Each year, Singapore hosts more than 125 international conventions alone and thousands of other smaller-scale conferences and events. Because of the volume of events and conventions which are held in the city-state, Singapore has taken on the challenge of developing some of the most beautiful meeting spaces and venues in the world as well as the most unique and luxurious.


Vienna, the capital of Austria, hosts thousands of conventions each year. It is on all of the lists of top destinations for meetings and for conventions. Due to this large volume of meetings and events held here, Vienna has three different, upscale, desirable convention centres with capacities of thousands, to allow for and accommodate any size event. The city also has nearly 100 hotels which give guests many options in terms of accommodation for visitors, speakers and others attending the event. Further, the city is a cultural hub that allows for immersion in the Austrian culture, from opera to shopping to classic dining and dishes.


Another popular destination for events and conventions, and unsurprisingly so, is Barcelona. This city is the second largest in Spain but ranks higher than Madrid in terms of the number and volume of conventions and events held each year. One of the most notable is the long-standing, almost decade long contract which Barcelona has, to host the annual GSMA Mobile World Congress, which is the most popular event in the mobile industry for professionals from all over the world.