Catering Conferences and Conventions

If you are organizing a meeting, event or conference, one of the most important considerations is the catering and what your guests will be eating. This page will provide considerations, tips and tricks to ensure you have the best catering and food experience for all guests.

Size of event

One important considerations before you can decide what kind of food or how much food to order is the size of the actual event. If it is a large conference with hundreds of people attending, it may not be ideal to have a taco bar or something gourmet. If your event is small, with 10-20 attendees, you may not want a buffet style meal.

For large events, make sure you consider what foods are appropriate for larger groups in terms of quantity, serving size, freshness and ensure that there is something everyone will like.

For small events, you have the opportunity to create more complex and tailored meals to suit your guests and to make their experience exceptional.

Dietary Restrictions

Make sure that you ask ALL of the people attending your event about their dietary restrictions, allergies and food preferences. It is best practice to ask well in advance, as part of the invitation and again closer to the event to ensure that you have all of people’s restrictions available for your knowledge and to provide your venue.

The food itself

Make sure to have a session to taste and sample different options. Choose food that suits your audience, and try to make it a unique culinary experience, many people enjoy having something new or fun for lunch or breakfast, especially if the conference is all day as this can make for a long day otherwise and the meal can often be the highlight. Work with your venue and caterer to make the culinary experience special for all.