Convention and Conference Planning Considerations

Aside from the obvious items on your to-do list when planning a conference or convention, such as catering and venue, many other considerations are important in making your event as successful as possible, some of which include:


Make sure that your event is accessible to all those attending. This means and covers a variety of things. You may need to ensure that your venue has a wheelchair ramp, and/or accessible washrooms. You may need to make sure there is a diaper changing station. You may need to have someone available to do interpretation or to offer sign language to those hard of hearing. You may need to consider the colours of your presentations and décor for those with issues seeing. The bottom line is that you need to know your audience, guest list and venue well and accommodate everyone.

Room Layout

The nature of the event largely determines the way that you set up your event space or room, but you also need to consider other things like the location of washrooms and fire exits when designing the layout. No doubt you may also want to think about the way you want people to interact (or not) when organising the space.


The lighting of a space has a large, though you may not know it, impact, on people’s attentiveness, mood and overall wellbeing. Consider dimmer lights for calmer spaces or brighter lights for more engaging or energetic events or conferences. Consider candles for ambience and using the lights for effect throughout the event.

Support and Onsite Troubleshooting

Often overlooked, but extremely important is the ability and option to have people on-site to help with issues that may occur. This may be technical glitches with audio visualisation equipment or medical support in the case someone requires medical assistance. Consider all risks and manage them accordingly.