Industry Conventions

Conventions have no formal definition but are often considered a gathering of likeminded individuals who come together for something they have in common. A convention can be a one-day affair or can take place over a weekend or even a week. Conventions are commonplace for industry professionals to get together. Some of the industries more known for hosting or having conventions are as follows.


In the construction industry, conventions can come in the form of tradeshows or other meetups. Many construction divisions exist, and there are conventions for those in the world of concrete, all the way to those interested in or who operate heavy machinery.


Many areas of IT also have conventions. These can be a place where brilliant minds come together to purchase new hardware or to develop new software. There are IT conventions for those in the mobile world, those in the software sector, and anywhere in between. These conventions are a great way to share knowledge, to innovate and to see the latest and greatest in technology.


From film to newspapers, there are many conventions all over the world for those who work in, are passionate about or even slightly interested in the media. There are social media conventions for influencers. There are conventions for news anchors and television personalities and many others. These are showcases, a meeting of minds, and networking opportunities.


Designers, models, and others in the fashion industry have conventions which may include fashion shows, tradeshows for materials and patterns, for networking and meeting new talent. These conventions take place all over the world.


Agriculture conventions are a great way to see and learn about emerging best practices, to see what others are doing, to sell and buy products and to meet others in the same industry as you.