Internet and Online Connectivity Conventions

Since the entrance of the internet into the mainstream system of doing things; shopping, education and government services, etc., it has become commonplace for people to transact without meeting physically. Paradoxically, however, internet developers need to meet in person from time to time.

Such conventions are meant to come up with ways to help people enjoy the internet better. They are headlined by matters such as the following.


The internet has been spreading fast across the world, but there are still areas which are not able to enjoy it fully. This is because of aspects such as the necessary infrastructure and government control. These two issues are especially rampant in developing countries. Stakeholders often discuss how to circumvent such hurdles, in a bid to make the internet available to everyone wherever in the world they are.


This has mainly been an issue in recent conventions. The fact that people carry out numerous affairs which directly impact their lives on the internet means they are more susceptible to people of ill will. At the same time, there are oppressive governments that use the internet to violate people’s privacy.

Internet conventions are continually exploring ways to improve security when browsing online. Tools such as NordVPN have thus found themselves at the centre of such discussions many times. The beauty of a VPN is that it maintains the virtual nature of the internet which users are looking for in the first place.

Cloud Computing

Storage was, for a long time, a concern for many internet users. The issue of being able to access the same files from different devices and locations was also a problem. Internet connectivity conventions have, for several years now, been about cloud computing, a practice which effectively solves this problem. Suffice to say, a lot of security has been achieved on this front.